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Near cash-less accident repairs

Near cash-less accident repairs across the vast Maruti Suzuki Network in the country- the vehicle is repaired at Maruti Suzuki Workshops in the country and whatever amount is payable by the Insurance company, is not charged to you at all. Just pay for the compulsory excess and applicable depreciation (both are as per motor tariff) and walk away with the repaired vehicle. The rest is settled directly between the repairer and the insurance company. Seamless services across nation Its like "Free Roaming" - You get Maruti insurance services across India at all Maruti authorized dealers. These services include buying new policy, effecting renewals, endorsement issuance and claim settlement.

Hassle free, fair and transparent claim settlement

Maruti Insurance ensures a hassle-free and fair claim settlement. Whatever is payable by standards, is paid by the insurance company. The customer is not forced to bear the undue differential cost of repair/ replacement. All transactions are completely transparent. No hassles of personal involvement or follow up with surveyors/ insurance co. etc. No botheration of depositing the salvage with insurance co. No compromise on repair/replacement-parts, that need replacement, are replaced and not repaired to minimize repair bills.

Quality repairs at authorized dealer workshops

With Maruti Insurance you don’t compromise on the quality of repairs as you are not forced to go to a roadside workshop. The damaged vehicles are repaired at Maruti authorized dealer workshops that are equipped with the best facilities and infrastructure. This ensures quality repairs with Maruti Genuine spare parts and trained technicians.

Dealer assisted towing facility

Towing assistance is provided for getting the vehicle to the dealer workshop, in case the vehicle is immobile after accident. This facility is available free of cost upto Rs 1500/-. This limit can be increased at customer preference by paying extra premium at the time of policy issuance.

Easy transfer of no-claim bonus

If you are renewing with Maruti Insurance for the first time, the entitled No Claim Bonus(NCB) is easily transferred to Maruti Insurance policy at the time of renewal.

Instant policy issuance

The customer does not have to wait for the policy document, which sometimes takes months to get delivered from the insurance company. With Maruti Insurance, the policy is issued instantly through the Internet.